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How to Get Started

Our opportunities are versatile! If there is one that speaks to you, then reach out to us through our 'Contact Us' page to convey your interest. We will get back to you on how we can move forward together.

We are always actively looking for volunteer techs, whether experienced or have no prior experience. On a case by case basis, we are open to training high school and college-level students in areas of biotechnology and/or device design and manufacturing.


Better understanding current crime lab practices are essential to optimizing our techniques. Our volunteer outreach coordinators work to partner with crime lab scientists and techs as well as connect with individuals who suffer the consequences of Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) backlogs.


Through funding, SAtB is able to support itself to where it is now as a non-profit organization. While we do part take in competitions such as the DifferenceMaker and VentureWell programs for funding, we also accept donations from organizations, companies, and the community.

All Hands In

Let's Work Together

There's a place for everyone in achieving the mission to end rape test kit backlog.

Learn how you can get involved today!

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